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BB-WSK-HAC-2 Wzzard Mesh HVAC Monitoring Starter Kit

  • Monitor current and temperature to reduce energy costs
  • Snap & go set up - no downtime, disruption or wiring/cable runs
  • Built-in Node-RED™ software tool for easy deployment
  • Smartmesh IP wireless mesh for point-to-point, self-healing reliability; more resilient as more nodes are added
  • Easily scalable at any time to thousands of sensors
  • IP67 indoor/outdoor rated (Wzzard node)
Certifications FCC RoHS

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Monitor HVAC systems to lower energy costs, schedule preventative maintenance and detect failures early with data-driven performance monitoring. Manufacturing and facility managers use performance improvement programs reduce energy costs and improve their environmental footprint. Often they are managing those programs with nothing more than utility bills and periodic inspections but no insight into the performance of individual HVAC units. Additionally, retrofitting a building automation system is costly and disruptive to operations. The Wzzard HVAC Monitoring Starter Kit provides a non-intrusive, easily installed solution for monitoring current and differential temperature on HVAC equipment without disrupting facility operations. • Kit includes everything to monitor incoming and outgoing air or coolant temperatures and compressor and fan current consumption. • No facility disruption, equipment downtime. • Battery powered - no expensive or intrusive wiring. • Quick installation - Just snap the current clamps on the hot power lead and tie temperature sensors directly into airflow or on high/low pressure lines connected to the Wzzard mesh wireless sensor and provide an Ethernet connection to the gateway. • Dashboard, data trendlines, email/SMS alerts and data logging capability - monitor from one or multiple locations. • Expand the starter kit to hundreds or thousands of inputs by adding more sensor nodes to the existing gateway and making simple dashboard edits • Fast deployment of Proof of Concept and Pilots. Easy to Deploy • Wzzard’s 2.4 GHz wireless mesh technology continuously optimizes channel selection to eliminate multipath interference, providing best-in-class reliability in difficult RF environments. • Simple, cloud-based configuration of the gateway makes it easy to deploy and manage one device or many. Applications • Popular MQTT protocol and JSON data format make it easy to expand to a multi-site system integrated into preferred third-party software applications. • Use built-in Node-RED to create and customize your applications without any advanced programming skills. Rugged & Reliable • Wzzard mesh wireless sensor node is IP67 rated, -40 to 80°C, for indoor and outdoor industrial use – no external enclosure required. • Advanced Smartmesh IP wireless mesh protocol provides excellent point-to-point wireless reliability becoming more resilient as more nodes are added.

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Wzzard Mesh HVAC Monitoring Starter Kit

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Extended Specifications


  • Node-RED Support

Feature (S)

  • Auto Discovery / Topology Yes

Port, LED, Antenna (B)

  • SIM slots 2
  • MicroSD Yes
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