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Enhanced Services & Partnerships

Delivering an optimum IioT solution starts with having the right partners at the table. No one is an expert in every aspect of every application and delivering the right solution calls for teamwork and cooperation from expert partners. By working together we leverage our collective experience, and we can deliver comprehensive IIoT connectivity solutions that are easy to deploy, easy to manage and deliver significant cost savings.


UNO PI Edge Gateway | PI Connectors | Cellular Routers


Take the PI System to the Edge of the Network with the new UNO Edge Network PI Gateway for IIoT applications. You have data access for local decision-making via PI Interfaces and PI Connectors, data storage to archive locally before delivery over intermittent networks and Edge analytics that filter raw data and save you bandwidth – ultimately custting costs. Most importantly for IIoT projects is the Integration to view all traditional data sources together.


Inductive Automation

Industrial Automation | Wireless Sensing Platform


Ignition by Inductive Automation is the world’s first database-centric, 100% cross platform, web-deployed industrial application platform for HMI, SCADA, MES & IIoT. Using the CirrusLink Sparkplug MQTT specifications, the Ignition industrial applications platform is integrated into selected B+B SmartWorx cellular routers, gateways and wireless sensing platforms. Our applications engineering teams are available to support the over 1,400 Ignition system integrators worldwide.


Here are some of the Partners we are proud participate in our Connected Intelligence Partner Program

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