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Transportation & Traffic Management Solutions

Intelligent transportation hinges on implementing the right technology to create a safer, more efficient, maintainable transportation environment.

Much like physical transportation systems themselves, ITS begins with an existing infrastructure; then merges the newest advanced networking technologies, like smart sensing, rapid deployment software and real-time data management systems to deliver a seamless experience for travelers.

Traveler Information Systems

Travelers increasingly use data about road conditions, weather alerts, lane or speed restrictions, incident alerts and route recommendations to inform real time decision making. Whether supported by dynamic messaging systems, roadside alerts, SMS messaging or in-vehicle systems, smart network connectivity is delivered with products from B+B SmartWorx.

  • • Dynamic Messaging Signage
  • • Portable Road Speed Detection
  • • Weather Condition System
  • • Kiosks


Tunnel Network Management Solutions

Tunnels are one of the most dangerous traffic environments for motorists. Tunnel monitoring and incident management systems are only as good as the network infrastructure used to collect and send critically-important data. B+B SmartWorx products reliably support high bandwidth demands, power issues and network redundancy under rugged conditions.

  • • HVAC Control
  • • Lighting Control
  • • Lane Control Signage
  • • CCTV Monitoring


Integrated Toll Networks

Improving efficiencies in tolling systems is rarely a case of “rip and replace” long serving equipment. Rather, it is about smart connectivity; layering new technologies onto older systems, and integrating multiple networking protocols into a seamless data stream that reliably delivers more value from infrastructure investments.

  • • Electronic Tags & Transponder System
  • • Video Enforcement
  • • Toll Collection


Public Transportation

Public Transit Rail and Bus Systems are challenged to reliably deliver a safe, efficient, on-time experience for passengers every day. Passenger payment and tracking systems, dynamic trackside signage, information kiosks, sensor driven door access systems, in-transit wi-fi, and CCTV security are supported with network connectivity products designed for the rugged conditions found in today’s transportation systems.

  • • Remote Monitoring
  • • Passenger Information
  • • CCTV Surveillance
  • • Wi-Fi Entertainment
  • • Passenger Census


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