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Telematics & Fleet Management

It’s not easy to keep costs low, utilization high, drivers educated, and vehicles safe when trying to maintain and run a dependable, safe fleet. Whether it’s easy or not, it’s the fleet manager’s job. With subpar data and unreliable network connections, it can make that job nearly impossible, especially when supporting a mixed fleet of light-duty, medium-duty or heavy duty vehicles. With a range of Heavy Duty Vehicle converters and OBDII converters and gateways, B+B SmartWorx opens the door for increased efficiency and richer applications for telematics fleet management systems.


Medium Duty Utility Trucks | Mixed Fleets | Light Duty Vans | Automobiles

OBDII, or On-Board Diagnostics, monitors parts of the chassis, body and accessory devices, as well as the diagnostic control network of a light/medium duty vehicle. B+B SmartWorx OBDII converters simplify vehicle interface systems and translate the complex data from the vehicle bus and convert them into easy-to-use parameters. This allows Telematics Service Providers to focus on what’s important—developing best of class applications.


Heavy Duty Vehicles

J1708 | J1939

B+B SmartWorx Heavy Duty Vehicle converters connect an application gateway to the bus found on most heavy-duty vehicles, while cables aid in interconnections between the interface adapter and vehicle interfaces. Our intelligent HD3-A3 interface adapter follows a simple operational protocol to communicate to the J1708 and J1939 bus. It solves timing problems encountered when operating in a Windows environment and an embedded microprocessor handles buffering and timing, reducing bus collisions. This allows data to access the bus with a much greater degree of precision than any non-intelligent interface adapter.



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