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Power over Ethernet

Regardless of the location, technology exists to get the job done as efficiently as possible. PoE is the best choice where large data transfers and the flexible distribution of power are needed. PoE and PoE+ are both elegant and entirely pragmatic choices for rugged security, VOIP, Building Automation and select industrial applications. Using a single cable for both power and data saves cost in installation, deployment and maintenance expenses.

Explore the range of PoE products:

Industrial PoE Ethernet Switches

PoE ensures your IP cameras are always connected and video files are reliably transmitted to the NVR. Standard PoE is used on most IP cameras, with PoE+ used for PTZ cameras or cameras with fans and heaters for outdoor. If you have older cameras you don’t want to replace but you do want the advantages of PoE, you can use a PoE Splitter to convert a camera’s power and data supply. If you’re looking to connect multiple cameras or other devices to your system, you can select from our managed PoE switches that include network management features.

  • • Unmanaged PoE
  • • Gigabit PoE
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Fiber PoE Solutions

Originally targeted for VoIP installations, PoE has rapidly extended into security and building automation networks, delivering electrical power and transmitting communication signals over standard low-voltage category cabling to a variety of end points. CCTV, LED lighting, HVAC controls and other locally networked devices are well supported by the high availability of power, uninterrupted service and lower operating expenses. PTZ cameras also use fiber with PoE+ for high resolution data transfer.

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PoE LTE Routers

The convenience PoE for remote applications like Digital Signage and CCTV is easy to recognize. Using a single cable to both deliver content and power a device is a great advantage, and many don’t realize that Ethernet cabling is ultimately cheaper than traditional AC wiring. Plus, the use of PoE eliminates the AC/DC connection as a path for surges into equipment, providing an extra layer of protection to your connected devices. For flexibility of placement, lower cost and ease of installation, PoE products is an excellent choice.

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PoE Ethernet Extenders

UThe standard Ethernet distance of 100 meters just doesn’t work for some applications. For installations facing a distance challenge, an effective alternative to daisy-chain switches is the deployment of Industrial Long Reach PoE Ethernet Extenders. Utilizing the existing copper cabling infrastructure, Ethernet Extenders deliver up to 2000 meters over VDSL2. As an endspan unit, the Extender relies on its own source of power, and can provide 30W of power for each RJ-45 port to PD devices, (up to 120W total) making it an excellent choice for PTZ cameras, Wireless AP and VoIP Phones.

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