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Device & Connectivity

Supporting Your Industry Goals with Sustainable & Intelligent Devices

Whether your facility focuses on water technology, building automation, or is a site that requires environmental monitoring, we know you require dependable products that talk your language. Industry professionals like yourself require the expertise of a company like Advantech that designs, builds, and delivers secure, reliable connectivity products engineered for demanding locations.

Advantech device and connectivity devices create seamless network connections where they are needed—whether it’s sending data across copper, fiber, or wireless connections. With Advantech, we add new layers of sophistication to network communication with Internet of Things capabilities, but we also ensure that existing, and legacy technology stays relevant with connectivity devices that bring different protocols and disparate networks into single uniform solutions.

Water & Wastewater

Water & Wastewater

In water technology, both outside and inside the fence, you need to reach performance and compliance goals with secure and sustainable solutions. Advantech provides device and connectivity hardware for your water management, data access, data analysis, and automatic alarm processing, as well as data-enabled decision-making and more, to reach your industry goals.

  • Pump Station
  • Flow Monitoring
  • Well-field Management
  • Storm Water Management
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    New Energy

    Smart Building

    As the development of sensing, data acquisition, and wireless technology evolves, more industrial IoT practices are coming online. In the near future, there will be billions of connected devices performing an array of functions: collecting data, monitoring facilities, and executing remote control. To meet changing industry challenges and needs, Advantech is devoted to offering top-tier device and connectivity hardware for power and energy.

  • Solar Power
  • Grid Modernization
  • Electric Vehicles
  • Battery Energy Storage
  • Wind Power
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    Featured Applications

    Access and Security at 24/7 Fitness Centers

    An Advantech customer provides security systems for the door entry and video monitoring equipment for a well-known chain of fitness center locations around the world. Security is important at these fitness locations as they are unmanned and open 24/7 via key-card access.

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