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ADAM-6750-A 12DI/12DO Intelligent I/O Gateway

  • Linux Open Platform
  • 12ch digital input(counter)/12ch digital output(pulse output)
  • Programming: linux C API, Node-RED (graphic programming environment)
  • Cloud/Database access ,edge data analysis and logic control, data visulization by dashboard
  • Interfaces: RS-485x2, Ethernet port x 2 ,1 x USB Type-A 2.0, 1 x USB Micro-B 2.0

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More Description

compact intelligent gateway with Digital I/O

Product Spotlight

ADAM-6700 Series

Intelligent I/O Gateway

Solution to visualize on-line equipment monitoring

  • Cloud/Database Access: Supports SQL, Azure, AWS and IBM Cloud
  • Data Visualization: Built-in programmable dashboard
  • Data Transmission: Supports MQTT, Modbus protocols and RESTful API
  • Data Analysis & Logic Control: Node-RED / C programming for local decisions
  • Data Collection: On-board & remote I/O via RS-485/Ethernet

Feature Technology

Intelligence - Easy Coding Plus Visualization

Node-RED for Simple and Flexible Graphical Programming

  • Drag and drop functional nodes to activate project.
  • Users can visualize the real-time data on the built-in dashboard remotely.

Open Platform for Linux C & JavaScript Programming

Developers can write and execute C and JavaScript programs to design more innovative and value-added applications.

Multiple I/O - Collect Assets and OT Data in One Device

Built-in I/O

Analog Input: temperature, humidity, vibration, speed, pressure, levels, pH values

Analog Output: heater, valves

Digital Input: push buttons, limited switches

Digital Output: light switches, alarms, buzzers

Interface: RS-485, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G

Gateway - Edge-to-Cloud Enables IT/OT Convergence

Compute Data at the Edge

Performs real-time data collection, storage, processing, computing, analysis, and logic control settings, all at the same time. Once an abnormality is detected, an alarm can be triggered, and notification sent immediately.

Transmit Data from Edge to Cloud

Analyzed data can be easily and quickly uploaded to a cloud database such as SCADA , SQL, Azure, AWS and IBM Cloud through wired and wireless networks.

Target Application

Factory Management

ADAM-6700 can monitor equipment operations and health status in real-time, thereby improving overall equipment efficiency (OEE) and planned predictive maintenance.

Energy and Environment Management

ADAM-6700 series can read changes in air pressure, water quality, and levels in real-time for water cycles, wastewater, and air pollution management. Also, the power on/off status of residences, campuses, and factories can all be controlled to manage power-consumption through visualized attributes like distribution, comparison, and user behaviors.

Product Specifications


Unit: mm



Mounting Method

DIN rail

Opening the Box

Extended Specifications


  • CPU Cortex-A8 32-Bit 1GHz

Operating System*

  • Embedded OS Support RT Linux V3.12

Digital Input*

  • Counter Input up to 3Khz

  • up to 3Khz


  • Power Input* 10 ~ 30 VDC
  • Isolation Protection* 2500 VDC
  • Connector* plug-in terminal block 15P/9P


  • Memory 512MB DDR3L
  • Storage NAND flash 512MB for system storage; 1 microSD Slot (Optional)


  • Serial Ports* 2x RS-485
  • USB Port* Micro USB x1 ,Type-A x1


  • Programming Node-red, Linux C

I/O Interface

  • LAN Ports 2x (2 MAC ID) 10/100 Mbps


  • Operating Temperature -40 ~ 70°C (-40~158°F)
  • Storage Temperature -40 ~ 85°C ( -40 ~ 185°F)
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