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USB-4751L-AE 24-ch Digital I/O USB Module

  • Compatible with USB 1.1/2.0
  • Bus-powered
  • 24 TTL digital I/O lines
  • Emulates mode 0 of 8255 PPI
  • Buffered circuits for higher driving capacity than 8255
  • Interrupt handling capability
  • Timer/Counter interrupt capability
  • Supports both dry and wet contact
  • 50-pin Opto-22 compatible box header
  • Portable
  • Suitable for DIN-rail mounting
  • One lockable USB cable for secure connection included
Certifications CE RoHS

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More Description

The USB-4700 series consists of true plug & play data acquisition devices. No more opening up your computer chassis to install boards-just plug in the module, then get the data. It’s easy and efficient. USB-4751/4751L is a 48/24-bit digital I/O module for the USB bus. Its 48/24 bits are divided into six/three 8-bit I/O ports and users can configure each port as input or output via software. USB-4751/USB-4751L also provides one event counter and three 16-bit timers, which can be cascaded to become a 32-bit timer.

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24-ch Digital I/O USB Module

Accessory Products

  • 50-pin DIN-rail Flat Cable Wiring Board

  • Mounting BKT USB-4711 A1

  • VESA mounting kit for USB DAC modules A1



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Extended Specifications


  • I/O Connectors* 50-pin box headers, pin assignments are fully compatible with Opto-22 I/O module racks
  • Programming Language C#,C++,LabVIEW,VB.Net,BCB,MFC,VB6,Delphi,Java,Matlab,Qt

Digital Input

  • Channels 24 (TTL)

Digital Output

  • Channels 24 (TTL)
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