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Cellular Routers

Deploying LTE routers effectively into industrial networks is more than hardware that is carrier-agile, cost-competitive, with the flexible configuration interfaces to fit M2M applications. Today, effectiveness demands flexible application hosting, zero-touch deployment and seamless network management. Using SmartWorx Hub, our routers have a truly open development platform to build your application software, host applications, seamlessly manage network connectivity and securely administer the system.

With pre-built API’s into selected applications platforms, and an open environment that supports app development in Java, Python, C/C++ and Node Red, you’ll find more flexibility than with any other router on the market.


If your cellular installation is stationary, doesn’t need high LTE speeds, only needs a single Ethernet or serial interface, and is very cost sensitive, choose SmartStart. SmartStart is typically used in applications for Signage, Kiosks, ATM machines and solitary remote devices. SmartStart’s low power mode makes it great for solar power installations. With a modular configuration platform, over 50 interface options are available, including PoE. If you do not see the configuration you need, click here to chat with a tech on product availability.



If your application connects multiple devices or requires LTE Cat 3, then SmartFlex is your best choice. It has a flexible, modular hardware design to support more complex interface options. SmartFlex is also your best choice for mobile applications, or when the router needs to power a connected device. Wide geographical installations are easy with SmartWorx Hub’s zero touch deployment and device management software. Like SmartStart, SmartFlex is built on a flexible, modular hardware platform with close to 100 variations including up to 5 Ethernet ports. If you do not see the configuration you need, click here to chat with a tech on product availability.

Intelligent Gateways

Do you have already have automation systems for your factory assets and /or processes? Have you ever thought about what you could do with the information from those systems, especially if it was hooked up in real-time to business savvy employees or enterprise applications such as ERP, MRP, CRM, dashboards, supply chain management, etc?




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